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A Lucky Mother and her sleepy baby

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I had a mother book a Mini Session for her Newborn. When she arrived, she was all by herself, with the baby fast asleep in her car seat at the back. For a moment I was surprised, because usually partners come along to help with the baby during the drive and also the session.

So I started a little chat, and inquired where she lived. To my surprise, she had driven almost an hour from Broadford, VIC to get to this session. And that too all be herself, without any help.

I was impressed. The baby has slept all the way, and the mother had the courage to take on this challenge. But when I got talking to her further, I got to know that she has 4 kids and so, she couldn't have brought her partner and kids along.

This was such an easy breezy session. The baby wasn't fussy and had her bottle before dozing off again.

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