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Imagine sitting in your lounge, 30 years from now, surrounded by the warmth of your family and grand kids, turning through Newborn photos of your children. Everyone in awe and admiration of how adorable your babies once were.

But none of them would understand the pure emotion that you as a parent would be feeling in that moment.


Where did the time fly? Once, not long ago, your grown up adult kids were tiny little newborn babies, who looked simply angelic and could fit snugly in your hands.

Hi, I am Sana, your Creative Newborn Photographer.

I have 2 kids of my own as well. In the past few years I have seen them blossom and grow, developing their own personality along the way. Their newborn stage seems like a distant memory, even though it was not that long ago. As I look back at their newborn photos, I have come to the realization that these photos are so much special than I could have ever imagined.


My passion for photography comes from creating and delivering these generational heirlooms through newborn photos for parents. So that one day, 30 years from now, they can relax in their cozy family home and cherish these photos forever.

If these heirlooms are something you wish to create and cherish as time passes by, then I would love to hear from you so we can discuss your vision and bring to you the best family experience.


Baby Newborn photography melbourne


We know how quickly time flies by and our tiny babies grow up. We appreciate your interest in having Sparkles Photography Melbourne capture those precious moments and turn them into generational heirlooms for your and your family.

545 High Street

Kew, VIC (Metro Melbourne)


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