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Why You Need Prints and Not Just The Digitals

Updated: Mar 31

As a full time professional photographer my business is focussed on delivering you an exceptional photography experience. I will spend many hours to deliver the perfect end portrait to you. But then you only want the digitals.

However, I will tell you otherwise - if these photos are important to you, then it is essential that you get them printed. Because if you don't, your kids and grandkids will have no family photos of their family to look back onto.

You may be thinking, "But why? We're taking sufficient photos with our smartphones!" And you're absolutely right—capturing moments has never been easier. But what if your phone crashes? All those precious newborn photos, baby photos, and family moments could vanish in an instant. Can we truly rely on the cloud to safeguard our memories forever?

Consider this: how many of us transfer our photos from our phones to a computer? And even if we do, what's next? Digital files are vulnerable—technology changes and fails, computers crash. Your meticulously crafted newborn photoshoot, those adorable baby pictures, could be lost without a trace. Sure, you might have a low-resolution version on Facebook, but printing it out? Nearly impossible.

Imagine Thanksgiving years from now, surrounded by grandchildren and furry companions. Instead of flipping through a cherished photo album, you're huddled around a computer screen, hoping the files are organized and accessible. Don't let the convenience of digital photography overshadow the importance of preserving memories as prints for generations to come.

Now I really want you to ask yourself - What is the main reason I want digitals and not the prints?

Think, think, think ... Why?

Now I am sure you have arrived at one of the following answers like many of my previous clients.

So I Can Share On Social Media And With Family

For that very reason our prints always come along with their matching digitals. We understand that digitals are still a good way to share with friends and family who aren't near. But that does not mean that prints should be compromised on.

So I Can Print Them Myself For Less Money

So let me get this right. You choose a photographer whose style you love. You invest a lot of time and energy at designing the perfect session.

You pay your photographer to take and edit photos to a high, professional standard.

Then you want to take the digital images on a USB and print at a cheap print kiosk and put discoloured, mis-toned or pixelated photos up in your home to look at every day?

It makes no sense to sabotage these precious moments that you lovingly created for yourself and your continuing family.

So I Can Edit Them Myself

That is a big no no! It is illegal to play with someone else's artwork. Yes you hired a photographer to take portraits of you and your family. However you lack legal ownership rights to the images.

Editing the photos on your own could tarnish the photographer's reputation and misrepresent their skills. Contractual agreements further reinforce the importance of respecting the photographer's creative process and intellectual property rights, emphasizing the need for clients to adhere to legal and professional standards.

But I Don't Know What To Do With Them Yet

Here are some ideas on what kind of prints to choose from:

  1. Pop them all into an heirloom album that comes with all your digital files on USB.

  2. Have your top 20 printed as 8 x 10 fine art prints in a keepsake box. You can keep some and gift some to family, and you receive all the digitals with it.

  3. Get 3 medium sized canvases to prop them on your wall gallery.

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