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Is it important to get newborn photography done for my baby?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

4 years before I became a Newborn Photographer, I had my first baby. I was so very excited about the arrival of our newborn. It had been a dream come true. Despite having a hard pregnancy with all the throwing up, palpitation along with difficulty in breathing and the never ending Braxton Hicks, I just couldn't wait to enter motherhood and enjoy my first baby.

But little did I know - it doesn't get any easier once the baby arrives. You have a body that is completely torn and exhausted, a newborn baby that keeps waking you up at night and a family that keeps demanding your presence.

To add to it all, within 2 weeks of having my baby, we had to pack everything up from our home in Dubai to make the shift to Australia. And before the final move we also had to attend my brother's wedding in another country. It got pretty hectic pretty quickly.

Many mothers will find themselves drowning in sleepless nights and recovery in those initial weeks to remember anything of their newborn babies. That is what happened with me. I don't remember much of my son as a newborn baby. Everything just seems like a haze.

Fast forward 4 years, I gave birth to my daughter. That was when I decided to become a Newborn Photographer.

So I could capture her beauty, from being a newborn to being a naughty 6 month old!

Looking at her pictures, I always get hit hard with the reality of motherhood - it is very difficult to remember your newborns and mesmerize their tiny details because mothers struggle a lot with keeping afloat within those first few weeks!

Though I do not recall much of either my son or my daughter, I have the privilege of looking back at my daughter's photos and remembering all those tiny details. With these beautiful prints, I am able to cherish how beautiful she was as a baby, despite not having noticed it back then because I myself was struggling with motherhood.

So here I am, creating timeless keepsakes for other parents, because trust me when I say - time will fly by, your babies will grow up and you will regret not having had professional photos printed. These timeless images will always remind you of the babies they once were, till our last breath.

The prints and albums provided by me are of high, archival quality, which means that they will last not only your lifetime, but that of your kids too once they grow up. These print products are an heirloom for you and your coming generations to cherish.

Get in touch with us and let's have a chat, with no strings attached, about the possibility of creating these beautiful images for your newborn!

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