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Newborn Bed Prop DIY

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

If you have been following my work and blog posts, you would know I have a knack for DIY. That was another reason why I fell in love with Newborn Photography - not only did I get to use my photography skills to capture beautiful newborn and baby photos. But I was also able to use my creative skills through DIY projects to make the required props for newborn sessions.

This one was soooo much fun, but at the same time, very mathematical since I had to get all the measurements right.

newborn bed prop diy baby photography melbourne

So how did I make it? Well I got one of those old wooden chairs that had carved, flute legs. I sawed them off to add to this bed structure. The gallery below of the process is quite self explanatory.

I have fallen in love with how it has turned out. What do you think? Does it look pretty enough for a newborn baby posing?

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