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Newborn Sleeping Too Much: Newborn Sleep routine

Can A Newborn Sleep Too Much?

newborn sleeping too much newborn sleep routine

Ever wondered as an expecting parent or a new parent what newborn sleep routine looks like? The outside world is a new place for newborns and so, they need time to adjust to their new sleep routine.

Here is what you should expect your newborn's sleep routin to look like in the first few weeks of their life:

How Long Do Newborns Sleep For?

When you newborns were still a fetus and surrounded by thr warmth of your womb, your baby spent a lot of time sleeping.

That is why when most babies are born, they sleep for most part of the day.

Since most newborn babies have a small stomach, they fill up quickly. Hence they might wake up for a feed again, but otherwise, newborns can sleep for 2 to 3 hour stretch at a time.

Newborn Sleeping Too Much?

Some babies are better sleepers than others so they might not wake up for meals. You’ll need to be extra careful during the first couple of weeks and assess their progress. Make sure your newborn's sleep routine doesn't stretch for more than 3 hours at a time.

Keep an eye on the urine of your baby and the frequency of their stool. Newborn urine should not be dark yellow.

It takes at least six months for them to establish a stable sleep routine. But if yours seems to be oblivious to any differences between night and day, a bit of help might be just what they need to get used to feeding at regular intervals and thriving.

What To Do If Your Newborn Is Sleeping Too Much?

If you’re dealing with a newborn who is sleeping too much, you’ll first need to make sure there are no medical issues causing your newborn to sleep all the time.

Jaundice, infections, and any medical procedures, such as circumcision, can make your baby sleepier than usual.

Your pediatrician will check if your baby is gaining enough weight. If not, you might need to wake them up to eat every three hours (or more) depending on your doctor’s recommendations.

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