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One bucket, endless designs!

Hi, My name is Sana and I am an Award-Winning Newborn Photographer based in Melbourne.

As a Newborn and Baby photographer, one of our most staple prop is our galvanized metal buckets, especially the one with the provincial, rustic texture!

However, recently many buckets started popping up in the Newborn prop market place where they would be painted in different colors and designs to accommodate different color themes. That ended up providing a lot of variety for the photographers to spend their bucks on, not that we do not have plenty to buy and add to our prop collection already. But the challenge that most of us face is lack of storage space. There is only so many buckets that we can buy and store.

So I saw this very intelligent photographer/prop provider come up with a solution. She started selling what are known as bucket huggers. These are sheets of designs that go on the metal buckets and then off. First time I saw this, I was dumbfounded - what kind of sorcery was this? Me being the DIY person that I am, started racking my brain of how I could achieve this.

After a lot of research, I FINALLY found the answer! Magnetic printing A4 sheets. So I never knew these were even a thing which you could just buy off Ebay and print on using your regular printer.

Since my bucket was the perfect size to for the A4 sheet, and was also made of metal, the magnetic sheets stuck to them very easily.

So you know what this means? One bucket and ENDLESS designs! I can customize my bucket as I or my clients wish! It also means that with only one bucket and a printer, I can add so much variety to my shots.

Here are 2 patterns that I tried on my bucket. The backside of the bucket that is visible gets hidden once the baby goes in.

What do you think? Is that something you would want to customize if you were coming for a Newborn photography session?

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