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Australia - Pregnancy and Birth Care Options

Pregnancy and Birth Care Options in Victoria

The available pregnancy and birth care options in Victoria depend on various factors, such as your location, available services, medical history, and risk factors like weight, age, and previous pregnancy experiences.

You may also opt for a home birth, which is pretty prevalent in Australia still.

Choice of Care Providers

Depending on resources, you can choose care providers like midwives, general practitioners (GPs), obstetricians, or a combination of health professionals. Home birth may also be an option in certain cases.

Pregnancy, Labour, and Birth Carers

Carers during this period may include midwives, GPs, and obstetricians. It's crucial to discuss options with healthcare professionals, family, and friends to understand the available types of pregnancy care.


Midwives, with specialized training, offer care during pregnancy, labor, and post-birth. They can provide support, advice, and emergency measures if necessary. They also care for newborn babies in the days and weeks after birth, including helping the mother with breastfeeding.


These medical doctors specialize in maternity care and women's reproductive health. They are involved in cases of complications and provide care at public hospital antenatal clinics.

General Practitioners

GPs with additional training may offer pregnancy and birth care. It's essential to discuss their experience and accreditation for shared care.

Preconception and Ongoing Care

Ideally you will have received care from your doctor prior to conception in order to optimise your health in preparation for pregnancy and to reduce any preventable risks. Preconception care optimizes health before pregnancy. Throughout, care involves support, monitoring health, identifying special needs, and making informed decisions.

It is important that you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth care. When making these decisions, speak with your obstetrician, midwife or GP. Factors affecting choices include health, medical history, costs, insurance, and location. Cultural beliefs and personal preferences also play a role.

Labour and Birth Care Options

Intrapartum care choices include hospital birth care, birth center care, and planned home birth care. Birth plans can be discussed, but unplanned medical interventions may be necessary for safety.

Hospital Birth Care

Most people opt for public or private hospital births. The length of stay varies, and midwives guide choices regarding pain relief, medical interventions, and special care options.

Birth Center Care

Birth centers, available in some hospitals, provide a home-like environment with midwife-led care. Complications may lead to a transfer of care.

Planned Home Birth Care

Home birth, an option for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies, involves midwife-led care at home. Transfer to a hospital is possible if needed. Public hospital midwives or private practice midwives may provide this service.

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