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What is the Best Age for Newborn Photos?

Updated: Mar 31

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When Is The Best Time To Take Newborn Photos?

Are you feeling unsure at what age you should bring your bub in for a newborn photoshoot? Perhaps you’d like to book in your newborn photo session but have no idea how long the official ‘newborn’ stage lasts exactly?! Well, I’m here to give you the details you need!

There will be some newborn photographers who will put a two week age ‘limit’ on newborn photo sessions. I, however, see no reason why you can’t have baby’s newborn photo shoot up to around three or four weeks old. My clients usually bring in their babies at 4 weeks of age.

Having a new baby is exhausting as it is. I do not put pressure on the parents to rush to their newborn photo session too soon. Mothers usually need some time to recover and expecting them to come sit for 3 hours for a session at only 2 weeks post partum is asking too much of them. Although, I offer total relaxation during the session for the parents and food packs for everyone, I do feel that rest is much needed for new mums this early on after delivery.

Will I get Best Poses for Older Babies?

All my sessions are baby-led, which means that I do the poses that the baby best responds to. Not all babies are comfortable with unwrapped poses. And so I do not guarantee those. But what I do guarantee to my clients are the best newborn baby photos, be it wrapped or unwrapped.

Newborn babies at 4 weeks have never been a problem for me. They usually have always slept through the sessions. And as a professional newborn photographers, I do have tricks up my sleeve for babies who might be a little agitated.

So as a new parent, the last thing I need you to be worrying about is rushing in for a newborn session just so you can get photos at 2 weeks of baby's age but not enjoy the session yourself, because you were too tired for it.

Newborn Photography sessions are not only meant for getting beautiful images of your baby but also, I want it to be an experience for parents that they will remember and cherish forever!

best newborn baby photography melbourne

What about Premature Births?

For premature babies, the best age for a newborn photo shoot is around your baby’s adjusted age (that’s the age they would have been if born on their due date). So you’ll book baby’s photo shoot for around then, or a few weeks later. I allow a little more time with premature babies, as they often suffer more with reflux and other issues, and can take longer to settle than other newborns.

You can find more FAQs regarding newborn photography here.

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