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Pregnancy Photos : When To Get Maternity Photos

Updated: May 18

Pregnancy is such magical time, despite it's challenges. Our body posseses in itself the life force to create another life. We don't ever stop to think of how crazy of a miracle this process is. And what our bodies are truly capable of as women.

This phase, despite filled with ups and downs, usually flies by in a blink of an eye and before you know it, you're snuggling your gorgeous baby in your warm embrace. That is why it is wonderful to take maternity photos and freeze this miracle in time. So you can look back and be mesmerized by the strength and beauty of your body.

When you plan a Maternity Photoshoot with us, the most important question you'll have is when is the best time for pregnancy photos?

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When To Take Maternity Photos?

Most of the photographers, just like myself, will recommend taking maternity photos between 30-36 week of pregnancy. The earlier the better, since as we approach the last few weeks, your body can start getting tired and exhausted much more easily. And not being able to enjoy your session is not the experience we want to offer our clients.

After 36 weeks, the baby reaches full term and can decide to make it's way into this world any time. So you do not want to risk missing out on your maternity photos.

When To Book Your Maternity Photo Shoot?

I always recommend my clients to book their session around 25 weeks of pregnancy. This gives us enough time to do your consultation and guarantee a timely spot to get those beautiful pregnancy photos,

Also something a lot of pregnant women don't account for is that they will be too busy in other decision making processes towards the end of the pregnancy, like picking up baby clothes to choosing their criubs and stollers, that booking a maternity and newborn photographer will be the last thing they would want to think about.

So to make life easier for yourself, booking in time is the best advice I can give you.

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If you have any further questions, you can get in touch.

Or you can view our FAQ's regarding maternity photo sessions here.

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