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Newborn Photography is all about Patience

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Last weekend I had the most beautiful baby newborn girl, Astrid come in for her session. I really wanted to try unwrapped poses with her but she just did not seem to like it at all.

After persevering for almost an hour or more, I finally decided to get wrapped newborn poses. And before I knew it, she dozed off like a rock the moment I wrapped her up.

I have realised unwrapped poses are not for all newborn babies. We as newborn photographers need to put the comfort of the baby first and foremost. And in the end, I did get some amazing shots of Astrid and these have become my favourite so far. ❤️❤️

Towards the end, I did try my luck again by unwrapping her and getting a quick "chin on hands" newborn baby pose in my everchanging bucket (check out my blog post here on how I can achieve endless looks for my bucket prop).

It took me an extra hour for this newborn session but my patience with handling babies is my virtue and that is why I love what I do :)

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